In June of 2012 J.P. Western Presentations notified our staff, supporters, volunteers, and other interested parties the Corporation was discontinuing operation as a 501 c 3 non-profit California Corporation. However the "Foundation for a New Future" educational program serving San Diego County Probation Centers would only temporarily discontinue and would resume sometime in the future with a more cost effective format.

It is my pleasure to announce that we are making significant progress toward a more cost effective and productive method to continue teaching troubled youth and young adults. They will continue to learn how to accomplish and manage a productive self-reliant adulthood. A book "Where's Dad I thought we were supposed to talk" will soon be available in print and audio. This book expands upon the subjects of the original "Foundation for a New Future" program, and serves as the master guide for a new DVD based educational program.

A small group of volunteers is coming together and the rate of progress is increasing. It is our prayer and hopes to have DVD programs available before years end. We are very confident about what this program will contain and the value it will bring to those who participate.

The American culture is in serious trouble and those who are taking on the challenge need the awareness and support that our productive responsible colleagues can provide. At the very minimum I am asking you to keep our cause and newsletter in the forefront of your community concerns. Every month make yourself spend a few minutes to read and catch up on the valuable progress underway on behalf of your extended American family.

August will see J.P. Western adopt a new look along with a revised newsletter and return to the mailing airways. The website name J.P. western will remain until March 2014, at that time the website name will get a new name. My prayerful hope is that our loyal supporters will not allow our newsletters to fall into spam mail but will keep us in your priority mail and on your friends' page.

God’s Blessings to all
Pat Combs

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